la dinamo turgent mou els príaps de foc

by hiyohiyoipseniyo



This album is by someone I only know as "Absurreal Fanzine" on Facebook, a moniker that I suppose refers to a zine called Absurreal that I've never seen. I decided to release it when he inquired, because I had enjoyed his posts in the Contact Group. There are no credits and almost nothing is in English. The download is just two continuous half-hour tracks, one for each side of the tape, but there are 33 songs listed, though not all of them have titles -- I just have no idea where to edit them apart. What I do know about this album is that it is amazing. Listen to it.

Further communication with the artist brought some details to light: he's from Manresa, union of peoples of the Iberian Federation, and has this to say:

"it contains a kind of collage through my works as LaMunyecaAutómata, grisú dialéctico, origami caustika... since almost 2000 mixed with the hiyohiyoipseniyo new era jajaj. it's a very special realease for me, also travelled a long odissey since 1 year and a half from, cooter records, synchronausea and finnally found good home at your centipede farm. very happy..."

Also, we website:


released December 14, 2013

hiyohiyoipseniyo is Òscar Hidalgo Aguilera