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Upon unearthing in 2011 some very early 4-track cassette recordings of himself with a guitar discovering the wonders of digital delay for the first time in 1996, enamored with the wonky distorted sound both from the manner of its recording and the age of the tape, Chuck Hoffman set about building something new from them through overdubbed improvisation, again on cassette 4-track. These result of over a year of intermittent, scattered pursuit of this process, "Explortation" veers from harsh noise assaults to meditatively ambient to driving instrumental psychedelic rock. Chrome C-50 edition of 26.


released March 23, 2013

Most sounds played by Chuck Hoffman over guitar tracks recorded to cassette tape circa 1996/7 during which Steve Wilson played a little drums and said stuff like "whoo-hoo." The rest recorded 2012 except some drums recorded early 2013 with recording assistance by Dan Hutchison using Will Tarbox's drums. Samples are The Mad Monk or something like that from an old record about beatniks I found on WFMU's website, an old answering message from Joe Riehle & Mike Hays, a sped-up snippet of Luxurious Bags, and some of the loops from the tapegerm.com "12pk". Shout-out to chipPad for iPad. Boss ME-30 all up in this. Tascam 4-track and Audacity. Cover art is "Geometric" by Jayde Archbold (artbyjayde.weebly.com). Massive thanks to Ed B of Prints for printing halp & lots more. Distant Trains wishes to thank the great OFFICE-DEPOT company of West Des Moines.




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