Boat Impressions

by Vales



This one just dropped into our laps unexpectedly but we couldn't resist a modular synth artist with a commendable history of releases behind him shopping an album entirely about boats. Get ready for a wild sail into seas of electronic madness.


released April 10, 2013

This recording contains impressions of the following kinds of boats:
Airboat, Banana boat (merchant), Banana boat (recreational), Barge, Bass boat, Bathtub Boat, Boita, Bow rider, Bracera, Cabin cruiser, Cable ferry, Canoe, Cape Islander, Car-boat, Car float, Center console, Coble, Coracle, Crash rescue boat, Cruise ship, Cuddy boat, Cutter, Dinghy, Dory, Dragger, Dragon boat, Drift boat, Drifter (fishing), Drifter (naval), Dugout, Durham boat, Electric boat, Express cruiser, Ferry, Fireboat, Fishing boat (contemporary), Fishing boat (traditional), Float tube, Flyak, Flying boat, Folding boat, Friendship sloop, Full rigged pinnace, Garbage scow, Go-fast boat, Gondola, Gundalow, Great Lakes freighter, Houseboat, Hovercraft, Hydrofoil, Hydroplane, Ice boat, Inflatable boat, Jetboat, Jet ski, Jon boat, Junk, Kayak and Sea kayak, Ketch, Launch, Landing craft, Lifeboat, Lighter, Log boat, Longboat, Longship, Longtail, Lugger, Luxury yacht, Mackinaw boat, Masula boat, Missile boat, Monitor, Motorboat, Motor Launch (naval), Narrowboat, Nordland, Norfolk wherry, Oil Tanker, Outrigger canoe, Padded V-hull, Paddle steamer, Patrol boat, Personal water craft (PWC), Pinnace (ship's boat), Pirogue, Pleasure barge, Pleasure craft, Police watercraft, Pontoon, Powerboat, Pram (boat), Pram (ship), Proa, Pump boat, Punt, Raft, Reaction ferry, Recreational trawler, Reed boat, Rigid-hulled inflatable, Riverboat, Runabout, Rowboat, Sailboat, Sampan, Schooner, Scow, Sea kayak and Kayak, Shad boat, Shallop, Sharpie, Shikara, Ship, Ship's tender, Ski boat, Skiff, Skipjack, Steam boat, Slipper Launch, Sloop, Speed boat, Submarine, Supertanker, Surf boat, Swift boat, Tarai Bune, Tjotter, Torpedo boat, Towboat, Train ferry, Trimaran, Trawler (fishing), Trawler(naval), Trawler (recreational), Tugboat, U-boat, Umiak, Very Slender Vessel, Waka, Wakeboard boat, Walkaround, Water ambulance, Water taxi, Whaleboat, Yacht, Yawl, etc.

Vales is Captain Dave Doyen




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